“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet” – Roger Miller

The season to celebrate without any reason has arrived. A new lease of life takes shape in the paper boat flowing across the puddles. The Monsoons have begun.

Monsoons gift and mean a lot to many people, A good harvest to an agriculturist to the cars getting cleaned for those lazy lads, that evening tea for the romantics and the pakora’s to the foodies. This article is my way of looking at my most awaited seasons arrival.

Monsoon in the Westghats in Maharashtra, India

Monsoon in the Westghats in Maharashtra, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The term “Petrichor” is the term given for scent of the rain from the dry earth.  That smell that rejuvenates us all. That essence of intoxication.

For many party goers this season turns out to be a spoil sport.For me monsoon has been the season for inspiration and long drives. A cup steaming hot tea by my bedside window puts me in a trance. Monsoons are a time to rejuvenate and self realization.  All the heat and lethargy of the previous months are washed away by this beautiful downpour.  If you have lived near the sea coast, I am sure it must have been a spectacle to watch the monsoons arrive.  Personally,I would have maybe enacted a perfect Bollywood rain dance.

Being an off season for travelers who would have loved to visit India, Its the perfect time for Indians to be closer to its mother nature. How many of us have actually stared at the downpour on a window glass? How many of us have walked instead of running  in moderate rain? The beautiful natural arrangement of rain droplets on a wire is something why I wait for this fantastic season.  God is a perfect artist and an artist waiting for appreciation from mankind. No matter how fast you run, you are obviously going to get wet, better enjoy the walk !

Two droplets falling from the window together and uniting as if they were made for each other. The small tiny puddles on the road that look more dangerous than the sea and we trying to avoid it as if hides underneath is the biggest crater that man has ever seen !! No other season can bless you with these thoughts.

We have been hating the summer afternoons, We curse the winter mornings, But here is a season that gives you pleasant mornings and cold evenings which is something we never have appreciated!

My love for the monsoons comes from the place where I belong, “Sirsi”. A heavenly adobe in the Western Ghats. The Ghats are recognized as one of the world’s eight hot spots of biological diversity and contains a large proportion of India’s plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. I remember the monsoons lashing the roof continuously for 3-4 days without even a sign of sunshine. The early morning fog covers and its mysterious beauty never motivated me to go to school. I even rejoice the memories of days in school, where we had this unique monsoon madness games, where all had to play outdoor in the rains.



The season brings us closer to our loved ones and even to strangers !. That slice of happiness when you are sharing an umbrella with your loved one? Rains can be the most romantic only if you know how to catch the right moment.  That momentary victory lap we complete when we reach for the nearest shelter. People not even known to us smile and acknowledge our feat to run fast towards this shelter.  A thought would sound more sentimental only if you tell it in the rains! The same thought goes into the drain during summer and winter. Only season where you can go out to your terrace, look up and shout your heart out. Try this in summers, and the nearest mental hospital is your new residence.

Malvani fish curry meal

For the travel freaks, GOA in monsoons means less crowded beaches, cheaper markets and  long drives. Most of the festivals of the state fall during this season. An hours drive will get you to Konkan, Maharastra consisting of Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg, this  region undergoes phenomenal transformation with the first rains. Covering the landscape is a thick blanket of green. Konkan is a sight to behold during monsoon. For a religious NON vegetarian like me, the finger licking malwani food is something that can be relished any season. Besides natural beauty, Konkan is rich in history. Konkan is closely associated with King Shivaji and the Marathas.  Treks to the mountain forts and the historical remnants during the rains is a perfect way to enjoy the season. Konkan also offers several scenic beaches to enjoy the monsoon magic. You can pick from any of the beautiful beaches of Kashid, Revdanda, Diveagar or Ratnagiri.

All in all, next time it rains, make sure you thank the blessing from the moisture rich clouds as it cleans the earth and more importantly cleans us all. Enjoy the downpour and nourish your soul.


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  1. Buddy,, Nice.. Classic One..
    Ya, even i always try to get into ” Self Realization” under roaring rain.. Feelings not that kind- Enjoyment Depends. Sometimes when it rinses, i rem my childhood, But when it drenches, i rem struggling lives in slums of Mumbai, Bangalore..
    anyways.. Keep it up.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Paus!!!

  3. Prakyath Ballal K

    Rain Rain Go away !! is WRONG to say after reading this !!! 😛

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